Meet Jon Giambattista

Jon is a Professional Engineer (APEGS) with a background in Electronic System Engineering (B.A.S.c University of Regina). Jon previously worked in the industrial automation and control systems industry before co-founding Limbus AI in 2017. Jon’s role at Limbus AI is overall direction of software development specifically of the Limbus Contour application and mostly focusing onContinue reading “Meet Jon Giambattista”

Meet Carter Kolbeck

Carter leads the machine learning efforts at Limbus AI. His focus is primarily on the data pipeline and machine learning models, various image processing applications, and integration with the user-facing application. Carter studied electrical engineering at the University of Regina followed by graduate studies in computational neuroscience at the University of Waterloo. Before Limbus AI,Continue reading “Meet Carter Kolbeck”

Meet Joshua Giambattista

Dr. Giambattista is a practicing radiation oncologist in Canada who leads research and clinical dataset integrity at Limbus AI. Dr. Giambattista founded Limbus AI with the purpose of improving radiotherapy treatment planning workflow with validated and automated AI based tools. Dr. Giambattista manages projects with Limbus AI and clinical research partners building, validating and deployingContinue reading “Meet Joshua Giambattista”

Meet Dr. Karl Otto

Karl is an independent researcher/entrepreneur holding an Adjunct Professorship in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia.  He received Bachelors and Masters degrees in physics/medical physics at McGill before completing a PhD at UBC in 2003 while working part time at BC Cancer as a clinical physicist. Focusing on potentiallyContinue reading “Meet Dr. Karl Otto”

Meet Sachin Dev

Hello, my name is Sachin Dev. I am a part of McMedHack 2021 social media and sponsorship team. I have been working in Medical Physics since 2014. I was a clinical Medical Physicist in India and later joined Open Health Systems Laboratory (OHSL). At OHSL, I was responsible for scientifically coordinating and initiating projects inContinue reading “Meet Sachin Dev”