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June 10th – August 6th, 2023



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McMedHacks 2023 Closing Ceremony

Title: Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Detection From Mammography: Clinical Validation and integration &Deep learning in cancer radiation therapy

Speakers: Dr. Xun Jia & Dr. Du Hao

McMedHacks Leadership Team

McMedHacks is back!

  • McMedHacks is an 8-week-long program that aims to teach students, researchers, and clinicians fundamentals of medical image analysis and deep learning in Python. It consists of a series of in-depth workshop demos with Google Colab and seminar series given by leaders in the field. McMedHacks is a program organized by the EngerLab at the McGill Medical Physics Unit (MPU), Lady Davis Institute. EngerLab is a part of McGill Centre for Translational Research in Cancer, as well as the Cancer Research Network. Last year’s participants can be found here!

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  • NEW to this year’s edition:

    • Online learning module to learn at your own pace prior to coming to live sessions on Saturday (seminar) and Sunday (hands-on coding workshop) 
    • In-depth introduction to popular deep learning framework PyTorch
    • Phase 1: from week 1 to 4: providing a fundamental understanding of classical machine learning to deep learning applications on medical image analysis. 
    • Phase 2: from week 5 to week 8: introducing the best practices and state-of-the-art methodologies from current medical AI literature in medical image analysis and natural language processing. 
    • Certificates: phase 1 certificate for attendance from week 1 to 4; phase 2 complete certificate for attendance from week 1 to 8.
    • Networking opportunities during live sessions to connect with students, researchers, and professionals around the globe!
  • Learning Objectives:

    • Familiarity with the fundamentals of image analysis 
    • Familiarity with the fundamentals of machine learning
    • Introducing a popular deep learning framework (Pytorch)
    • Introducing fully supervised medical image segmentation
    • Introducing natural language processing
    • Introducing transformers  
    • Introducing concepts in weakly and self-supervised learning
    • Best practices in deep learning research & model generalizability

McMedHacks 2023 Statistics

McMedHacks 2023 attracted 570 registrations from 54 countries!

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