McMedHacks – medical image analysis and deep learning in Python

McMedHacks started in 2021 to address common challenges students and researchers experience when they begin to apply deep learning-based approaches to analyze medical imaging. This prompted our team to organize a summer school to help kick start research projects involving medical imaging analysis and deep learning. 

Our mission is to provide researchers new to the field with the fundamentals of medical image analysis and deep learning and accelerate research in medical imaging analysis.

The Program

The workshop series consists of weekly keynotes and interactive workshops. Leading researchers in medical image analysis and deep learning, industrial partners, and clinicians will present their cutting-edge research to inspire and motivate students for the complimentary workshops. Our current or alumni students with research expertise in deep learning and medical image analysis will instruct our interactive workshops. 

Each technical session is delivered as an interactive introduction to a deep learning or image analysis concept followed by hands-on activities. 

Participation in McMedHacks is free of charge and entirely online, recorded, and made publicly available for participants. 

All computations are performed in Google Colab, which allows anyone with internet access to perform complex computations on their machines regardless of hardware specifications.

The Hackathon

To put the skills that participants learned during the workshops to the test, we also host a hackathon at the end of the program. Participants are asked to solve problems in medical image analysis using deep learning. During the event, participants receive mentorship from researchers and experienced students.

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