Q: How do you take attendance?

To receive the certificate of completion participants must have attended or watched the recording for all but two events. The first presentation (opening ceremony) does not count towards your attendance. There were 14 events in total (not counting the opening ceremony) and you must have attended or watched the recording for at least 12 of them to receive the certificate of completion.

Q: It was mentioned that we cannot miss more than 2 workshops to receive a certificate of completion. Would I receive the certificate if I watch all the lecture recordings and complete all the quizzes, or must I be present in real-time for all but 2 events?

We will award participants with a certificate of completion.
- 70% workshop attendance: attend or fill the quiz 
- 50% Seminar attendance: attend or fill the quiz 
Attendance is taken automatically through Zoom.
Always log on with the same Zoom account!
Optional Python Prep Weeks (May 16th - June 6th), and the opening ceremony do not count towards your attendance.
If you cannot make it to an event you can make up for the missed attendance by watching the recording and filling out a short quiz.
Estimated time of commitment: ~ 6 hours of commitment per week 
Total # of seminars: 8 (8 * 1.5 hrs = 12 hrs)
Total # of workshops: 14 (14 * 1.5 hrs = 21 hrs)


Q: I missed the initial registration deadline, can I still register and obtain the rest of the workshops to obtain the certificate of completion?

Q: Would you please add me to your list so I can get the email and information about the time and date of the workshops? Is it acceptable to register after the program has started?

The McMedHacks team wants to thank you very much for your interest in us! Unfortunately, we do not accept late registration.  However, McMedHacks will take place in 2023 again, please feel free to check back and consider us again next year! 

Q: I have registered for the workshop, where can I find the recordings? I unfortunately am not able to attend this workshop and I just wanted to make sure that a recording would be available for me to catch up?

Thank you very much for your question and your enthusiasm to catch up, that's what we are about! First of all, all hands-on interactive coding workshops will be fully recorded. However, the presentations of our speakers will be recorded if and only if we have our speakers' consent to publish; contents may be edited due to confidential reasons. 

Our registered participant will exclusively receive from us a Google Form with unlisted YouTube videos embedded in it where you are able to view the speaker presentation recording as well as the hands-on interactive workshop recording. There will be a quiz followed by the recordings. It is possible to make up your missed attendance by watching the full speaker presentation & workshop recordings and completing the quiz. You could edit your response and submit the quiz more than once. However, this option was made available considering the differing time zones where our participants are located at, we very highly encourage you to attend the live sessions as questions can be asked & answered, and the efforts of our presenters & instructors are appropriately appreciated. 

Q: Due to time zone differences, I was not able to attend the live session. Will the recordings be released on your social media and website?

Other than the opening ceremony recording, we will not be releasing the rest of the recordings to the public on this website or social media. Unless you are a registered participant, in which case you will receive the Google Form with the recordings from us as described in the previous question above. 

Q: I had registered for the McMedHacks workshop, but, I haven’t received any links to join the workshop.

Thank you so much for your inquiry! We are sorry that this is the case! First, check if our email is in your junk / spam folder. If not, consider whitelist our email medhacks2021@gmail.com to make sure our emails get to your inbox, here is the instruction on how to do so. 

If you have done both of these steps and still are missing emails from us, please send us an email at medhacks2021@gmail.com. If proven to be a registered participant, we will send the resources to you accordingly. 

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