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Teams should arrive for judging on GatherTown at the indicated time. You have 5 minutes total for your presentation and questions. Arrive one minute early to enter the room and exit when prompted.

Solve real-world medical image analysis challenges using deep learning!

Deep learning has revolutionized the field of medical image analysis and new AI-driven technology is being clinically implemented every day to improve patient care. In order for the full potential of deep learning-based technology to be introduced to the clinic, which we are confident that it will, it requires brilliant, creative, and determined individuals to create new solutions to challenges in medical imaging.

McMedHacks is a student-led initiative to help curious scientists dive into medical image analysis with deep learning. The McMedHacks hackathon is an opportunity for bright minds to explore real-world medical image analysis challenges, collaborate with hackers from around the world, and compete for awesome prizes. 

$1000+ in prizes!

We offer a diverse range of open-ended challenges related to medical image analysis and deep learning. If there is a medical image analysis problem you have always wanted to tackle, the odds are that it will fall into at least one of the prize categories.

If you don’t have any ideas for your projects yet, we have some structured challenges for you to tackle as well. We will be hosting workshops to help you get started and get inspiration for your projects at the beginning of the hackathon.

A brand new challenge involving a never before published dataset will be d├ębut at McMedHacks. Our partner AlphaTau has created this unique challenge to tackle a real world problem they encounter clinically. Stay tuned for the reveal on August 6th!

Hackathon Schedule

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