Dr. Mark Gooding

Dr Gooding obtained his DPhil in Medical Imaging from University of Oxford in 2004. He was employed as a postdoctoral researcher both in university and NHS settings, where his focus was largely around women’s health. In 2009, he joined Mirada Medical, motivated by a desire to see technical innovation translated into clinical practice. While there, he has worked on a broad spectrum of clinical applications, developing algorithms and products for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Recently, Dr Gooding and his team were the instrumental in getting the first FDA cleared deep learning based auto-contouring system to market. If given a free choice of research topic, his passion is for improving image segmentation, but in practice he is keen to address any technical challenge. Dr Gooding now leads the research team at Mirada, where in addition to the commercial work he continues to collaborate both clinically and academically. Dr Gooding has published numerous journal papers (h-index 19) and holds several patents, and co-edited a book on “Auto-segmentation for radiation oncology”.

Delivering value in healthcare with AI

There are a lot of people working in AI now, there is a lot of demand, and there are a lot of start-up in this space. Is value really being delivered despite all this effort? In this presentation we will look at how we can deliver value. While our primary focus is on delivering value to the clinic, this presentation will also consider your position within the world of AI – how are you contributing to it but also how it is that helping you (or how you can help yourself) in your career, with insights from someone that tries to sit carefully on that fence between academia and industry.

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