Charmi Chokshi


I am a recent graduate in Machine Learning from Mila and the University of Montréal, Canada. In April 2023, I became a Rising Star awardee by Womxn in Data Science and in Nov 2022, I was an awardee for WeaveSphere Developer 30 Under 30 of Canada. In May 2022, I became a runner-up in the ‘Outstanding in AI – Young AI Role Model of the Year’ – North America Award by Women in AI.

In 2022, I worked at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Textract team as a Research Engineer Intern. My work focused on Model-Based Noisy Annotation Detection and Correction. Previously, I was a Machine Learning Engineer at a fast-paced startup, Shipmnts .

I am passionate about tech & community and my journey has led me to become an international speaker, one of the youngest Google Developer Experts in ML and Google Cloud Champion Innovator around the globe. To date, I have spoken at 30+ conferences, and have trained 20k+ professionals and students in ML, DL, TensorFlow, and GCP.

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