Meet Sachin Dev

Hello, my name is Sachin Dev. I am a part of McMedHack 2021 social media and sponsorship team. I have been working in Medical Physics since 2014. I was a clinical Medical Physicist in India and later joined Open Health Systems Laboratory (OHSL). At OHSL, I was responsible for scientifically coordinating and initiating projects in the radiation oncology area. I was involved with OHSL major initiatives in Radiobiology, Monte Carlo acceleration, and Global Cancer Research Network. Working with OHSL, I came up with the idea of acceleration of Monte Carlo simulations based on hardware technology and proposed the use of a yet untested hardware solution – Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). I am currently a PhD student in Dr. Shirin Enger lab, Medical Physics Unit, McGill University where I am working on developing radiobiological models based on patient-specific microdosimetric data. The other areas of my research interests include particle therapy, biological treatment planning and science gateways. I aim to make cancer treatment cheap, globally available and more accurate.
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