Meet Joshua Giambattista

Dr. Giambattista is a practicing radiation oncologist in Canada who leads research and clinical dataset integrity at Limbus AI. Dr. Giambattista founded Limbus AI with the purpose of improving radiotherapy treatment planning workflow with validated and automated AI based tools. Dr. Giambattista manages projects with Limbus AI and clinical research partners building, validating and deploying AI models for clinical practice. Dr. Giambattista plays an active role in managing clinical dataset quality, which requires systematic review of existing and new clinical data.

Dr. Giambattista completed medical school at the University of Saskatchewan followed by medical residency in Radiation Oncology at University of British Columbia (BC Cancer Agency). Joshua currently works as a staff radiation oncologist at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre (Regina, SK) treating patients with head and neck, thyroid, breast and CNS malignancies. 

Dr. Giambattista can be reached out on LinkedIn and twitter.

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