McMedHacks Registration Just Opened!

Now is your chance to register for a free workshop series about medical image analysis and deep learning in Python called McMedHacks. You will meet experts in the field and acquire all the tools you need to kickstart your research projects. The interactive workshop series is beginner friendly and will teach everything from the fundamentals of medical image analysis to some of the most advanced deep learning architectures used in cutting-edge research today.

To register for the event, please fill out this Google Form:

(Note: If you have filled out a Google Form for this event prior to May 21st that form was used to gauge interest, not for registration. Please fill out the above form to register.)

We will be hosting the workshops weekly from June 14th to July 31st. Because we cannot predict COVID regulations, the workshops and will be held online. We hope to accommodate your schedules, so we would like to know your availability for the weekly presentations and the weekly interactive workshops. Please fill out the when2meet here or in the registration form to let us know your availability. (please make sure to use the correct time zone)

We will record the workshop series but would highly encourage you to attend as you can follow along in real-time and ask questions.

The workshop series will consist of two weekly events:

1) A key-note speaker will present their research in the field of AI and medical imaging, including a time for you to ask questions about ongoing research.

2) A workshop about medical image analysis and deep learning that will include an interactive portion, where you will be able to code alongside us using a Google Colab notebook. Our first workshop will walk you through how to use all the necessary tools, so you need no prior knowledge.

If you would like to learn more about our event, visit our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You will also get the chance to put your skills to the test at the McMedHacks hackathon that will take place in early August. Follow us on social media to stay up to date as we release more information.

The McMedHacks Team
Yujing Zou
Luca Weishaupt

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