McMedHacks Registration Just Opened!

Now is your chance to register for a free workshop series about medical image analysis and deep learning in Python called McMedHacks. You will meet experts in the field and acquire all the tools you need to kickstart your research projects. The interactive workshop series is beginner friendly and will teach everything from the fundamentalsContinue reading “McMedHacks Registration Just Opened!”

Our inspiration

Yujing and Luca both work on multi-modal image analysis using deep learning for various purposes from tumor auto-segmentation to outcome prediction using multiple diagnostic imaging modalities. They noticed that a few of their colleagues that were new to the field experienced some common challenges that they had experienced themselves: like how to work with DICOM files,Continue reading “Our inspiration”

Welcome to McMedHacks!

The students of Dr. Enger’s lab at the McGill Medical Physics Unit and the Lady Davis institute are offering a free, beginner-friendly workshop on how to use Python for deep learning-based medical image analysis. This is an amazing opportunity for you to learn about active fields of research from experts in the field and fellowContinue reading “Welcome to McMedHacks!”